FUN! This word comes flying through my consciousness every time I think about the day Eric and Kari got married. Not COLD (yes, it was cold…-20 cold!), not BUSY (everyone was a trooper!), not LONG (the day started at 7, but it made for more memories!), but FUN.  I truly believe everyone in attendance felt that way. Not just about the day, but about the couple and how they choose to lead their lives. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

How do you choose only a few photos for a sneak peek, when the day was so much fun and there are too many great images?! Eric & Kari’s day this past Saturday, while quite cold, was filled with enough love, friendship, and happy smiles that it will only be remembered as a day of warmth.  Although, cute red mittens don’t hurt, either. Congratulations, Kari and Eric – your day was perfect!

Megan and Caleb were just one of those couples you love to work with. They really were. Energetic, laid back, and not too concerned about things going “perfectly”. When fall is still new and those October blustery days are abundant, it’s hard to be outdoors. Caleb & Megan booked their wedding at Carlos Creek Winery so they could take advantage of the beautiful scenery and bountiful grape vines that were present. There was no was a little wind and cold was going to get in their way! Megan and Caleb, I couldn’t be happier for the two of you! You are both gems and I’m honored you chose me to capture your gorgeous day! Congratulations!

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