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Nov 28, 2009
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I’ve never photographed man’s best friend for portrait reasons before, so when Dana & Brian asked me to take some shots of Rylee, I was a bit intrigued.  We took Rylee to a big open area in Chaska and let him run.  Now, Rylee is still very much a puppy, so he didn’t stay still for more than a nonosecond!  Below are my favs.  Ruff!



So, I’ve mentioned before that I have a ridiculously large extended family.  My dad has nine brothers and sisters and my mom has six.  They ALL have children, resulting in my having over 50 first cousins. . .yep, I said FIRST cousins.  Not to mention that all the cousins are having kids now. . . our Christmas parties get a little loud.  You may remember my Uncle Bob & Aunt Rita.

I wouldn’t trade my huge family for anything, though.  A little side story – when I went to college, I met a lot of people my age who have one or two cousins.  What!! Only one cousin???  Who do you hang out with at family events? I wondered.  Who do you share an unnaturally large appetite for good food with?  Who do you go on weekend vacas with? I kind of pitied those people with only one cousin. . .

Anyway, enough rambling, back to my original reason for this post.  I went to my uncle’s hunting shack (which is basically as nice as a house) a couple of weekends ago to enjoy my Aunt Sue’s amazing cooking and visit some of that large family that happened to be hunting.  Uncle John and Aunt Sue’s entire family happened to all be there at the same time – rare!

We decided to take advantage and have me take a few pics.  We literally nailed up a white comforter to the rafters and grabbed some quick shots, camo style.  Here are a few of my favorites.


I really like this one of just the ladies 🙂


This was Lisa’s idea of the best family photo.



Nov 24, 2009
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Just a little update here as the holidays rapidly approach.  I will be out of the state from December 5-12.  I’d like to have all holiday card orders in the mail to you before I leave on the 5th.  In order to do that, I need card orders by Saturday (Nov. 28).  If you are giving prints or other products as holiday gifts, I recomment getting that order in by Friday as well.  I cannot guarantee your order will be to you in enough time if not placed by Saturday.

I would like to meet in person to discuss options and place your order if possible.  I am dedicating Friday and Saturday to meeting with my Minneapolis clients to place orders.  Please call or email to schedule your appointment.

If you are a Fargo client, please email me with a time you would be able to schedule a photo ordering appointment over the phone.  Thanks to everyone in advance and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Also – check out the newest product that makes a GREAT holiday gift.  Click HERE.