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Mar 28, 2010
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You might remember adorable Gannon from his newborn photos six months ago.  He has grown so much since then!!  He is such a handsome little man and we had a great time playing and capturing some photos at his house on Friday.  I love his little Mauer jersey!

Mar 27, 2010
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While I was in Florida last December for a workshop and to visit my pal Missy, we ended up at the beach for sunset quite a bit.  It was absolutely breathtaking each night, since on the Naples side, the sun sets right over the ocean.  One night, there was a couple and their adorable daughter playing at the beach.  We struck up a conversation and I even helped them figure out a thing or two on their new camera!

This is one of my favorite shots of the little girl that I captured right as the sun was going down. . .

Mar 14, 2010
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Baseball fans in Minnesota have been patiently waiting for many, many years to watch the Twins play some outdoor baseball.  The time is FINALLY here and I, for one, am psyched!  Target Field is completed and the ticket office opened Saturday.  Today, my friend Nancy and I went downtown to do some random photographing and ended up there. . .

. . .and let me tell you, it rocks!!  While my dreams of attending home opener are pretty much gone, my first game couldn’t come soon enough.  Here are some shots to hold the rest of you over until you can make it downtown to visit.

The view outside, near the ticket office.

The stands near the upper deck.  I couldn’t really see down to the actual field from behind this gate though.

Loving the authentic downtown backdrop with the water tower.