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Sep 27, 2010
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I recently had the awesome opportunity to head to Chicago to attend WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Roadtrip.  It’s a one-day conference and tradeshow offering 4 different perspectives on photography by 4 highly successful photographers.  Two other photog friends – Mandy & Sara – and I headed there by car the day before the conference.

Ok, on a side note – Wisconsin is probably the most boring state to drive through. . . nothing against anyone who has, does, or will live/work/have relatives there. . . but there is realllllly nothing to look at.  I thought my drive from Minneapolis to Moorhead was bad, but I kid you not, Wisc. is worse.

Moving on. . .I happened to have great company to help me through as well as the all time best road snack ever, as introduced to me by my cousin Christie a few years ago . . . Ranch flavored corn nuts.  Oh yeah!!  (Excuse the poor quality phone pics 🙂

Ok, so getting back to the point. . .we feasted on some amazing true life Chicago pizza at a place close to our hotel, Gullivers.  It was delicious and went quite well with a much needed beer after 8 hours on the road!

Bright and early the next day, Mandy, Sara and I headed to the Hilton to hear our speakers and find out info from tons of sweet photo vendors.

Our amazing speakers included Sal Cincotta, Bob & Dawn Davis, Mike Fulton & Cody Clinton, and Jasmine Star.  I learned so much about the business of photography and how to make myself known in a flooded marketplace.  The speakers were phenomenal and I’m so grateful they were willing to share their secrets with us!

While all of them rocked, the one person I was super excited to see was Jasmine Star.  She’s kinda a rockstar known all over the globe for her absolutely stunning photography and presence.  She was awesome enough to meet fans before and after the conference and take pics with each and every one that wanted, including us!!  We chatted photography. . . and shoes – she rocks!!  Thanks Jasmine!

After the conference and networking with fellow photogs from around the midwest, Mandy, Sara & I hopped on the train and headed DT Chicago!  It was already dark but still amazing!

We wandered around aimlessly for awhile before a nice young gentleman asked us if we needed help finding something.  I guess we must really have looked like tourists – we all had cameras around our necks!!

We ate at a cool little Mexican joint then wandered around.

It was a pretty great time for my first trip to Chicago!  I’ll end with my ‘conquering-the-city-pose’ …

Sep 25, 2010
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So I sit here in my apartment trying not to feel guilty.  Why?  Because after my 10am session this morning, I did nothing photography related for the rest of the day…no editing, no invoicing, no ordering, no design work…and that feeling in the pit of my stomach remains.

Sometimes, owning and running my own business can overwhelm me to a point that I want to curl up on the couch and shed a few tears.  I forget that I’m allowed to have days off even when my list of things to do is three days long.

From Wednesday to Friday, I worked my first three substitute teaching days of the new school year.  I forget how tiring these days can be.  A room full of 28 second graders definitely has a toll on you after a while.  I give mad mad props to all full-time teachers out there – let me tell you that it’s probably one of the hardest jobs.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with the kids for those three days.  They are hilarious and I like to be reminded of the simple innocence life once had.  The fact is, though, that after the final bells rings and you make sure all the kids got on their buses, you are EXHASTED!!

Ok, so the moral of my ranting here is that after three day of subbing, coming home at 5pm and working on photography related things until I hit the hay, I decided that today things could be different.  I could have bomblettes with the neighbors (Amanda and Oz make the best loaded omelettes!), watch a few movies On-Demand, and stay in on a Saturday night.

I just need to remember that these days are ok 🙂

Sep 22, 2010
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One word:  Hollywood!!!!

Lookin sharp, Jess & Jason!  Hope you are having a great time in Hawaii!!  Check back soon for their full post!!