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*Over the next few months, I will be sharing some lessons I’ve learned in my mere 28 years on this planet. ¬†These are my views on the things and by no means am I absolutely right at all times. . .just sayin’ ūüôā enjoy.*

Lesson 6:  Be thankful always.

As we sit down today to stuff ourselves with turkey, stuffing, and of course, my personal fav, green bean casserole, thoughts of what we are most thankful for run through our heads. ¬†For most, it’s family, health, home, job, etc.

I personally am thankful for my amazing family and their health first and foremost. ¬†I’m also thankful that I was able to find something that I have so much passion for and be able to call that my job. ¬†Seriously, I have the BEST job ever! ¬†Providing photographs for people on the most important day of their lives is such an honor. ¬†As is photographing families, seniors and children. ¬†Not to mention getting to know amazing people, hearing their stories and becoming friends keeps my life interesting.

I would just like to say a great big THANK YOU!!! to all of my clients.  I appreciate you choosing me to capture your moments in time.  You all rock!

I hope that everyone is having the best Thanksgiving and eating a ton of amazing food.  Remember to be thankful everyday Рfor the little things too.  Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

In 2 weeks, photographers from all over the country will come together on December 4 to help those in need by doing what we know best. . .offering a chance for families in need to come together and have a portriat taken.  This amazing organization was started by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart. (Check out his website if you get a chance Рit will blow you away!!)

How Help-Portrait works is by designating locations in given cities around the country where people in need can have their family portrait taken, printed and given to them at no charge. ¬†It’s such a great chance to give back and I’m extremely excited to be helping out this year in Minneapolis.

There are two designated locations this year and I will be assisting behind the scenes with helping families choose the photographs they’d like. ¬†As most anyone who follows my blog or has worked with me knows, I LOVE meeting new people and look forward to meeting so many amazing families as well as other photographers!

To find out more about Help-Portrait, click HERE.

Becuase this is a non-profit, the cost of paper and other supplies needed for the day is paid for through donations.  A donations page has been set up for the Minneapolis location and I encourage anyone who appreciates this cause to donate.

Please click HERE to help. I thank you in advance!

The website says it best, “Help-Portrait is a movement of photographers, makeup artists and volunteers who come together to give, not take pictures of those who are less fortunate.”

Here’s a little video for all you visual learners out there ūüôā ¬†This is footage from 2009’s H-P. ¬†I get soooooooo excited just watching it!!


This week’s artwork spotlight goes out to Mini-Accordian Books. ¬†These little babies rock!

They are either 3×3 inch or 2.5×3.5 inch accordian folded, custom hard-covered books that are perfect for stashing in a purse, the car or even your back pocket!! ¬† Grandparents, aunt & uncles, parents, great friends – they will all appreciate having one of these to show off to everyone!

I have a number of cool templates that incorporate a design into your mini-book or you can choose a more basic layout using just photos to fill the spaces. ¬†They can accomodate between 8-15 photos, depending on the layout chosen! ¬†You get 3 identical mini-books when ordered with the option to add more, so pass ’em out to all the proud family members!

For more info on Mini-Accoridan Books or any other artwork you’ve seen featured, please head up to the “Send me a Note” tab above and I’ll happily answer any questions you might have.

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