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Dec 31, 2010
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In light of the new year and just because I have the best clients EVER, I’ve decided to put on a little contest over the weekend.  Here’s how it’ll work.  I’m posting a photo from each portrait/senior session I had this year and a link back to their original post in case you need a refresher.  To vote for your favorite, make a comment with the names of the people at the bottom of the post on this blog – votes on Facebook will not count!!  Only votes posted below.  You may vote once per day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

I will tally the votes the morning of Monday, January 3, so vote now and send everyone you know to the blog to vote for their favorites!!  The winner will recieve a free 16×20 floatwrap of their choice from their previous session.  Happy voting!

The amazing Impure Blood comic book creating team of Nadja & Nathan.

The lovely Christiansen family.

Gannon at 6 months and Gannon at 1 year. (Use Gannon to vote for him)

Busy little one year old, Owen.

The adorable Field family.

Dillon at 18 months and the Hoekstra maternity (write Hoekstra to vote for them).

Eight year old cutie, Madison.

Precious newborn, Emmett.

100% all-American boy, Treyton.

The John & Sue Martodam family (write John & Sue to vote for them).

The outstanding McMullen family.

The awesome Gammon Family.

Little pumpkin, Gabe.

Little angel, newborn Aiden.

Fabulous senior, Sara. (Write Sara #1 to vote for her)

Another senior Sarah, but with an H!  (Write Sarah #2 to vote for her)

The lovely LeSage family.

40 years strong, Paul & Linda.

The cuties who belong to the Cuffe family.

Sassy senior, Erin.

The delightful Jennen family.

The always charming Stearns family.

The enjoyable Swanson family.

The gorgeous children of the Eby family.

Sweet little Eddie of the Olson family.

The ever loving Steve & Amy Martodam family (Please write Steve & Amy to vote for them)

Have a fabulous New Years!!!

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Over the next few months, I will be sharing some lessons I’ve learned in my mere 28 years on this planet.  These are my views on the things and by no means am I absolutely right at all times. . .just sayin’ 🙂 enjoy.*

Lesson 9:  Treasure time with family.

Ok, so I’ve mentioned in the past how I have a huge extended family.  Here’s the breakdown – my mom has 6 siblings (so with her 7) and my dad has 9 siblings (10 total kids).  That right away is a lot of aunts and uncles when you take into account that they are married.

On top of that, they’ve all had children.  The result is me having around 30 first cousins on my dad’s side and around 20 on my mom’s.  And now my cousins are having kids of their own. . .

I ABSOULTELY LOVE HAVING TONS OF COUSINS!!!  Did I emphasize that enough?  It was totally awesome growing up and always having someone to play with at family events that wasn’t your sibling.  And that’s another thing, both sides of my family are great at planning events where everyone gets together.  Tons of aunts and uncles mean lots of dirt on your parents from their younger years 🙂

Case in point – the Martodam Christmas this year.  We had 96 Martodams in one room. . . and yes, we rent out a community room so everyone will fit.  There were only 3 of my first cousins missing so we had to take a photo with our Grandmother.  Check out one my cousin Joanna had taken.

I’m so very thankful for my oversized family and wouldn’t trade them for the world.  I hope that however big your family is that you treasure the time you have with them!

If any of you are like me, you’re tempted to do all of your holiday shopping online next year . . . I just tried to go shopping 3 days before Christmas to get those last minute things.  What. A. Nightmare.  Too many crabby people plus not enough parking spots equals no fun.  Ah well, I’ve learned my lesson.

I’ve come across some very cool gifts for the photo loving person in your life. . . hint, hint 😉  There is a site called Photojojo that has every novelty item a photographer would be proud to show off.  Here are a few of my favs.

The Nikon & Canon camera lens mug.  For those (like me) who function on their daily java.  Ps – I shoot Nikon. . . 😉

Photo*opoly!!  You can use your own photos on the squares!  Very cool!

The Dreamy Diana Lens in all of it’s plastic, light leaking glory!  The popular Holga camera of the 70’s had this lens and it is famous for it’s soft images and pale colors translated to film.  This is a version of the lens that you can put on your very own DSLR and use as digital!!

It creates dreamy images like the one below and it’s just plain fun.

Animag Photo stands – that’s just funny.

The Happy Helmet Bike Camera Mount.  Because you never know what shenanigans you’ll see on your bike ride.

Wooden Camera Magnets and Stamp.  Great stocking stuffer.

And last but certainly not least, the very stylish seat belt camera strap.

Ok, you can officially call me a geek now.  I hope that everyone is done with their shopping!  Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!