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Jan 31, 2011
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After I attended Elevate Workshop in groovy Palm Springs, my mother flew in and my vacation continued. ¬†We both have January birthdays so a little vaca was a great gift ūüôā ¬†Special thanks to Jeffrey of JNP Studios for recommending tons of kickin’ places for us to visit.

We started out en route to LA by stopping at the Getty Museum. ¬†I am intrigued by art and the exibits didn’t let me down! ¬†We couldn’t take any pics inside, but I did get some great ones in the sculpure garden.

I got the Dreamy Diana Lens right before this trip, basically a lens that is used on a Holga camera. ¬†It’s plastic, it leaks light, and it’s basically never in focus. ¬†But it’s a fun little toy ūüôā ¬†For some reason, I took a bunch of photos of trees. . .

On to LA!!!! ¬†The sunset strip was where I really wanted to hit, because as my friends know, I’m pretty obsessed with classic rock and way into all things The Doors (as you can see by the title of this post). ¬†I just had to check out the Whiskey A-Go-Go, where they frequently played years ago. ¬†We first ate at the Rainbow Bar and Grill just down the road.

The next day, we headed to Laguna and Newport Beaches to take in the Pacific side of things.  Heavenly when you consider the 78 degree weather!

My mom snapped this pic of me when I wasn’t looking.

Here’s how I felt about it. . .

There were just way too many to share, but I hope you enjoyed my favs.

* Over the next few months, I will be sharing some lessons I’ve learned in my mere 28 years on this planet. ¬†These are my views on the things and by no means am I absolutely right at all times. . .just sayin’ ūüôā enjoy.

Lesson 12:  Give credit where credit is due.

Like you may have read yesterday, I recently spent some time in California learning from some of my wedding industry peers.  Not only did they share their most useful tips and secrets, they are all truly amazing people.  Here are a list of the people I learned from.  Please check out their sites and comment on their work if something catches your eye.  You will not be disappointed!

Eliesa Johnson Photogen, Inc., was the mastermind behind Elevate Workshop.  She owns several businesses, including wedding and commercial photography businesses as well as runs a studio.  She put together the workshop as a way to help photographers who have already established their presence but want to take things to the next level.  Thanks so much Eleisa!!  Check out her recap of Elevate HERE.

Jeffrey Neal of JNP Studios in Orange County was also a featured as a speaker who was talked to us about shooting for ourselves and what that meant.  I also completed a very helpful mentoring session with Jeffrey and came home with a lot to think about and improve on.  Check out his latest work HERE.

Brandon Werth of¬†Werthless Photography chatted with us about conceptual shooting and really planning, previsualizing and executing that perfect shot. ¬†Brandon gave me some advice and inspiration for my upcoming Glam Shoot 2011, since he’s worked on the commercial side of things. ¬†PLEASE go to Brandon’s website and look at his work. ¬†He has a unique style that will leave you asking, “How’d he do that?!?”

Matt Brue of¬†Capture Studios, the best and only option of videographers in Minnesota if you want true quality. ¬†I’ve followed Capture’s work for some time so I was pumped to hear they’d be attending the workshop. ¬†Matt spoke to us about collaborating with others in the industry. ¬†He and his crew are AH-mazing! ¬†You can see for yourself HERE. ¬†I’m going to go ahead and tell you that you will need tissues. ¬†They have a way of retelling the story of the wedding day that is organic and beautiful.

I’ve also embedded the two same-day edits (yes, shot and edited the same day!) they created for Elevate below. ¬†Soooo good!!

Elevate // Day 1 BTS // Ace Hotel, Palm Springs from capture studios on Vimeo.

Elevate Day 2 // Ace Hotel, Palm Springs from capture studios on Vimeo.

Isabella Sikaffy of  FloraBella let us know what wedding planners are looking for when it comes to photographers.  I found it helpful and took away some great pointers.  She is a planner out of California and she does beautiful work transforming a wedding into the vision of the bride.  Check out some of her previous wedding work!

Brian Greenberg of Richard Photo Lab gave a very rousing talk about his view of the industry. ¬†He really has a way of asking questions that get you to delve deep into yourself for the answer. ¬†Some great conversations sprang from him and he really doesn’t hold back how he sees things – thanks for challenging us Brian!!

Jen Harthorn of Jen’s Blossoms provided some kickin styling and floral elements for our shooting challenges. ¬†She made a beach ball made of flowers!! ¬†This girl is seriously creative! ¬†The first thing I saw when I walked into my hotel room was a beautiful flower on the table from her and let me tell you, it was refreshing to see live greenery! ¬†Thanks for making everything so nice to look at Jen!

Thanks to everyone who shared their greatness with the attendees of Elevate!

* Over the next few months, I will be sharing some lessons I’ve learned in my mere 28 years on this planet. ¬†These are my views on the things and by no means am I absolutely right at all times. . .just sayin’ ūüôā enjoy.

Helloooooooo World! ¬†I’m back and finally caught up! ¬†As you may have read in earlier posts, I was out of town from January 10-17 for a photography workshop and little vaca. ¬†I know I’ve been ignoring the blog for quite some time, but like I said, I’m back, caught up on all that needed doing, and have lot’s of days of subbing completed. ¬†Ok, on to the lesson.

Lesson 11:  Take a vacation in the winter. . .especially if you live in the frozen midwest!

I live in Minneapolis which means that once November rolls around and the sun gets tired, that nasty cabin fever starts knocking on the door and peeking through the peep hole. . .we all try to ignore him as long as possible but eventually, he sneaks in when you’re not looking.

My way of kicking cabin fever out of my house is to take a little vaca – preferably somewhere warm. ¬†This year. . .CALIFORNIA!!!! ¬†I began my voyage in sunny Palm Springs getting inspired at Elevate Workshop, hosted by Eliesa Johnson of Photogen, Inc.¬† Please click the link and check out Eliesa’s work – she will knock your socks off!

It was an absolute breath of fresh air that this girl desperately needed.  Not only was it warm but I really took a look at my business and my art to determine if I was being true to myself and what I want.  Eliesa and the crew of talented people who spoke to us graciously shared secrets and advice.  I left with new friends, new ideas, and a new outlook on the future of my photography.

Ok, so I’ll be posting some more about my learnings in later posts so let’s get to some of the images I came home with.

Eliesa planned incredibly fun and creative shooting challenges for us to complete.  My favorite entailed each photographer being given a word and definition and trying to best portray the word through an image. . .but there was a catch Рwe had to be in the pool!!

My word was statuesque and the following image was my final edit.

The final challenge involved collaborating with two other photographers to create a triptych, which is three photographs intended to be viewed together.  The only cue we were given was honeymoon.

My image. . .

Our groups triptych.  It was a first placer!!

A few more images from the day that I enjoy.

The judges deliberating over the images! ¬†We all pretended like we were engaged in other conversations while secretly trying to overhear anything said ūüôā

Besides the weather, awesome company and amazing mentors, the location. was. awesome.  We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  I highly recommend staying at an Ace Hotel at some point in your life.  The decor, the staff and the overall vibe of the place was undescribable.  So much detail went into planning the rooms which had a bit of a vintage feel.  Here are a few of the things that caught my eye.

Thanks to all who made the workshop a BLAST!!  Come back for more in the next few days!