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Lesson 17:  Nothing feels better than working hard toward something that takes time and accomplishing it.

Tommy:  It takes a lot of people seven years to graduate!

Richard:  Yeah, they’re called doctors.  Oh, that must be you.

A quote from one of my favorite movies, Tommy Boy.  A couple of weeks ago, my little brother Greg graduated from college.  My older brother and I had a little joke going that we’d never see the day.  When it finally occured, we had to be there.

Here he goes!


Greg is six feet six inches tall.  Can you find him?


Here he goes!  Looks like it just might happen!  undefined

Still going. . .undefined

Oh my goodness!  They might actually give him that diploma!


Congratulations to the best little brother there ever was on becoming a certified athletic trainer.  That’s right. . .

Greg Martodam, ATC

Little Thomas was only one week old when I went to visit him and new parents Linnea and Jason.  Oh my goodness, did he have a face on him!!  He of course has the perfect little baby features but to go along with that, as his mom describes, “An angry old man look”.  This was her favorite face and he didn’t let us down.  Ok, get ready to say, “AAAHHHHHHH!”

Always with one eye on the action 🙂


This beautiful gal is Alison.  She got married a few months ago.  She decided that a gorgeous gown session was right up her alley.  What’s a gorgeous gown session you ask?  It’s a great opportunity for a bride to wear her dress one more time and for me to capture some really kick ass photos.

Gorgeous gown sessions rock because the bride is no longer stressed about the event of the day or Uncle Bob showing up in jeans or that the DJ will play those songs she hates.  It’s much easier to be yourself with the weight of the big day off your shoulders.  An added bonus is that we are free to go wherever we want and the clock is not an issue!

Alison and her husband live in St. Paul and love the look of Summit Avenue so we headed there on a beautiful night and rocked it!!  Alison’s style also is a little more indie/vintage so I was able to really have fun with editing her images and giving them a more vintage feel.


I’d love to photograph any new or not so new brides in a gorgeous gown session, even if I didn’t photograph your wedding!!  For more information on GG sessions, please contact me in the form above.