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Wow for amazing light the night I ventured out with Austin for his senior photos.  Austin is looking forward to his upcoming senior year at Chan High and is figuring out plans for next year.  I’ve been so lucky with getting the stylish kids this year and Austin sure didn’t let me down!  He also plays in a band so shots with his guitar were a must.  Take a peek at a few of my favs!!

When Molly & Derek got set up on a blind date years ago, things didn’t go smoothly.  In her own words, Molly “just wasn’t impressed”. After a little persuasion on Dereks part, she agreed to try it one more time.  Molly & Derek’s love escalated, a relationship grew and they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their world a few years ago.  Fast forward to their wedding day.  Even though it was a hot, humid, not pleasant day outside, I never heard a complaint from Molly or Derek.  It was their day and nothing was going to stand in their way.

You gotta love these shoes.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Easter Lutheran Chuch in Eagan.  The procession was led by Molly & Derek’s adorable daughter, Rachel, and ring bearer .  It was quite the cute show 🙂

(Above photo by Jenna Lenertz)

(Above photo by Jenna Lenertz)

Following the ceremony, guests headed to Royal Cliffs in Eagan for the gorgeous reception and dance.  The blue and pink theme was beautifully displayed throughout the hall.  AND, they won my heart by having none other than Cold Stone Cremery cater in for dessert!!  I was in ice cream heaven!!!!!

Once again, congratulations Derek & Molly!  I had such a blast with you guys all day and wish you nothing but the best!!

Al & Jess just wanted some rockin photos of themselves, period.  They are not married or even engaged (yet!) but they still desired some photos as a couple that were outside the norm.  As we discussed their vision, grungy, dirty, and badass were words that came up often. . . and I jumped for joy.  I LOVE stepping outside the lovely-pretty-soft-world box and entering the contrasty-harshly lit-darker-world box.  Have I lost you yet?!?

Anyways, fast forward to their session, we brought along their dog, Louis for a few and although he was much more interested in anything but my camera, we managed to get a couple gems.  Check out some of my favs below.

Al, aka Moe Dell, also plays music at bars around Minnesota.  He puts on a great show – check out his schedule HERE and go see him!!