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One year ago, it was one of the hottest days of the summer!  Humidity soared and you practically melted just by walking out of the door.  Derek & Molly had bigger things to focus on than weather, though.  They were getting married that day and each other was all that mattered.


1)  They awesome positive attitude of Molly, Derek and the wedding party who didn’t complain through outdoor photos. They just went with it and gave their best smiles!

2)  The adorable Rachel, Molly & Derek’s daughter, was the flower girl.  She was so excited she just ran up the isle toward daddy with no thought to anyone else in the church!  So cute!

3)  Derek & Molly’s first dance was very sweet as the shared a secret conversation and some laughs.

4)  The wedding speeches were very sweet as Derek’s best friend and Molly’s sister told stories from childhood and kind words toward the bride & groom.

5)  Delicious Coldstone catered in.  Enough said.




A red barn, an old white farmhouse, a few picturesque trees and an adorable couple.  The ideal circumstances for a dream engagement session.  Isaac and Danielle are an amazing couple.  They met in high school but never took things too seriously until after moving from their home town.  When Isaac knew he couldn’t live without her, he planned a scavenger hunt with the end being a ring on a fishing pole, a favorite hobby for the two of them.  Nice going, Isaac!!  They are a super fun couple and I’m very excited to work with them this year in preparation for their 2013 wedding!!

Chris & Jenny have a great story.  They met on an online dating site and immediately hit it off.  Spending time together became a necessity and soon they were inseparable.  Not too long later, Chris proposed to Jenny on a frozen lake at their family’s cabin.  It was a picture perfect moment and they’ve been busy planning ever since!

Jenny & Chris enjoy a great bottle of wine and rides on the motorcycle – not at the same time, of course – so we decided to incorporate these things into their e-session.  Parley Lake Winery became the perfect backdrop for our shoot.