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This is Matt.  He’s a runner, plays the bass violin, and is a really great person to know.  He’s got a super bright future ahead and is applying to colleges near and far as he starts his senior year of high school.  Matt really loves the downtown area and we decided the Mill City ruins would be a fantastic place to grab some shots of him for his senior photos.

You might recognize Matt from a few months back . . . he was one of my senior reps!  As a JenniferA Photography senior rep, he got a free mini-session, rep cards to hand out to his friends and tons of free artwork!  You can see his mini-session recap HERE.

Matt’s awesome mother, Jackie, tagged along for his session so we had to grab a few shots of her with her senior!


Aug 12, 2012
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A few favs so far from last weekend’s wedding with Syndal & Peter.  More to come!!


What is it about the normal routine of a family that is so interesting and special?  I got the chance to observe and document the lovely Gale family last week as they worked their way through a hot summer day.  From big brother Caleb reading books to his sister, Harper, to chasing each other in the yard and a cool dip in the kiddie pool, this family showed their love time and time again.