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Before each wedding, I discuss with my B&Gs about sneaking away from the reception for a few sunset photos.  I HIGHLY recommend all my couples doing this and below is the perfect example of why taking 1o minutes can make the day.  Of course, it helps to have a gorgeous backdrop to begin with and Carlos Creek Winery definitely fit the bill.

I’ve been asked how to achieve the brilliant yellows and oranges so here goes. (If you don’t care how it happened, skip to the next paragraph 🙂 )  These have basically no editing done to them except a slight contrast boost and sharpen.  I throw on my long zoom, which for you camera people is my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR, and literally point it into the sunset, back-lighting your subjects.  When the sun is lower as it is in these images, the lens and sun will take care of the rest for you!  Yummy flares will result and the camera records the color as the rich yellow.

Here are two different examples of the same shot.  Since I was hogging the prime spot (photo on left), my lovely second shooter, Jes Smith, was off to the side with the sun coming from a less direct angle, which results in a nice yellow tone with less of the flare.  Both are gorg and it comes down to personal taste.

Another example:  Jes’s shot on the left, mine on the right.

And just cuz I love them. . . a few more.

Of course, a beautiful bride helps.

As does a groom with a sense of humor. 🙂



What a beautiful day I had the privilege of being a part of on Saturday!!  Nathan & Nadja were a blast to be with all day and I adore the way they love each other.  So pure and carefree.  Congrats you two!

She’s from South Dakota.  He’s from California.  They both moved to San Fransisco and against all odds, met.  When visiting her childhood lake home near Alexandria, Minnesota, they visited the Carlos Creek Winery.  Over a glass of wine, Steve proposed to Kayla.  As they began to plan the day that began the rest of their lives, the winery seemed like the obvious place to hold the event.  Friends and family from all over the country flew in for the beautiful vintage-themed day.

Here’s my favorite thing about Steve & Kayla:  they LOVE to laugh.  It’s like Steve was made to make Kayla giggle.  When they are together, they just have to look at each other for the smile to form.  It’s obvious, as you will see, that they are perfect for each other.

I have to give a special thanks to my good friend, Jes, of Jessica Smith Photography, for second shooting with me on this gorgeous day!

The outdoor ceremony was at the perfect time for the sun to come filtering through the trees behind the bride and groom, giving the ceremony a gorgeous glow.

This was by far the most fun group of dancers I’ve come across!  The second Steve & Kayla’s first dance was over, the floor was flooded with friends and family ready to get their groove on, including Steve break-dancing!!


Steve & Kayla – thank you so very much for choosing JenniferA Photography for your wedding day!! I wish you nothing but the best for your future together!