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My lack of blog posts lately is for good reason.  I’m currently working on a brand new JenniferA site that will blow the old ones out of the water!  I’m super backed up with posts that will be featured when the new site goes live *VERY SOON!!*  I’m really looking forward to this new chapter in my business but more on that later. . .

I was SO VERY EXCITED to open my email today and see my assignment for this year’s Help Portrait.  This will be my third year volunteering for HP and I’m beyond pumped for the day to arrive!  For those that may not be familiar with Help Portrait, it’s a yearly event created to bless those in need with photos they may never have a chance to have otherwise.  This is a HUGE event – like global – and on December 8, millions of people’s lives around the world will be affected by HP.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to hear stories, see the emotion and feel the GOOD that comes from this day.  Did I mention yet that I’M EXCITED!!

The Minneapolis-Metro Help Squad is fortunate enough to be helping out at THREE amazing organizations this year, Mary’s Place, Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance and Casa De Esperanza.  I’ll be an assistant photographer at MOCA, editing photos and helping out where needed.  As photographers, it’s the one day a year that we come together and collaborate on touching lives.  At the end of the day, we all come together and I cannot wait to hear all the stories, share the tears and feel the love!!!

Since HP is a non-profit event, we rely on donations to make the day work.  Without them, paper, ink and frames for the people we help are not possible.  Please click the link below to donate.  An amount is greatly appreciated!!!!

To Donate Click Here!!

Check out last years HP video, in which the Minneapolis chapter is highlighted a ton.  We helped out High School for the Recording Arts.

Help-Portrait 2012 Story Video from Jeremy Cowart on Vimeo.

My HP experience in 2010!! Click HERE!!

As a wedding photographer, I go through busy seasons.  One being fall.  So when a date goes by and a reminder pops up on my calendar to post an anniversary blog post and the day goes by sans-blog post, it’s not surprising to realize it days later.  As the weeks went on, I planned on blogging a week later, 2 weeks later, etc, etc, etc.  Well, here we are one month later and I’m FINALLY getting around to posting this wonderful couple.

Tanner & Angie – Happy One-year-and-one-month Anniversary!!!  I hope you guys had a great day and I’m sorry for the late post – I surely did not forget!!!!


1) Tanner & Angie are super laid back and their attitudes toward their day were perfect.  They were there to show each other their love and to spend the day with those closest to them.  Just the way it should be.

2) The ceremony was held in a gazebo in a small park and the crowd that watched was limited to family and the closest of friends.  It was very casual but completely their style!

3) Following the ceremony, the couple, wedding party & I strolled around downtown Fargo and had ample time to get many awesome shots!

4) We took a break half way through to have a burger at local pub, J.L. Beers!!!  Talk about winning me over!!

5) I loved seeing the photos from growing up that they had all over the walls at the reception.  It was a great way to chronicle their lives before and after they met!!

A little healthy competition is good for the soul and relationships.  When Packer’s fan Lacey met Brown’s fan Taylor in high school, the rivalry sparked led to a lasting couple-dom that has stood the test of time.  Years later, Taylor and Lacey are still fans of their respective teams and are now planning their 2013 wedding!  We headed out in Fargo to show off their love and their rivalry all in the name of fun.  I’m so incredibly excited for Lacey & Taylor’s wedding next year because they have been a blast to get to know and I have no doubts that it will be one for the books!