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Ok, so I might be biased, but what a cute couple!  Of course, this is my brother and sister-in-law and cute puppy Rylee but can you blame me for boasting?!?  Last fall, we headed out into a lemon yellow fall to snap a few engagement photos.  As you can see, I’m super behind on my blogging as since these, they have been married and my first niece is arriving in 2 weeks. . . but oh well, a pretty picture is still worth a good look now and then.  Brian & Dana – so happy for you both and love you!!

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In January, I had the honor of having some work published on one of my favorite wedding inspiration blogs, A Northwoods Wedding.  This blog is amazing because it features only weddings taking place in the Midwest, which is nice for the bride working with the same vendors, areas, and ideas as someone close and not on a beach in California.

This time, Adam & Cate’s super fun cooking themed lifestyle engagement shoot was featured and I’m so excited to share it with you!  Click HERE to check it out!!


Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 2.06.20 PM

Chris & Jenny met on an online dating service a few years ago (I love when couples meet this way!) and immediately felt the spark.  They knew not too far after that they were meant to be.  While taking a walk on a frozen lake up north, Chris proposed to Jenny in the fairy-tale manor every girl dreams of.

When planning for their wedding, Jenny & Chris mentioned their love of children and intention to have A LOT of kids present on the day of.  Described by her maid-of-honor as “the baby whisperer”, it’s easy to see why children gravitate toward Jenny.  Her soft demeanor and caring personality is calming to all she meets.

Chris & Jenny planned a gorgeous day at Gale Woods Farms in the Minneapolis Parks District.  Known for it’s beautiful ceremony spot overlooking the lake, barn reception area and luscious greenery that made this photographer’s day, it was just the feel they had in mind.  I had the honor of watching the way these two thoughtfully care for each other while we photographed the day away!  Congrats, Chris & Jenny!!

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