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When you say destination in Minnesota, what do you think of?  Beautiful rocks, crashing waves & quaint communities come to mind.  Throw in a gorgeous, amazing couple, and you’ve got the makings for a fantastic wedding!  Brian & Erin’s day was nothing short of wonderful as these two long time loves and their little one, Ellie, declared that they belonged together forever, which everyone present already knew.  Superior Shores Resort on Lake Superior offered up a dreamy backdrop for the day, sprinkled with personal details & touches of the couple.

Now, let’s get to this couple.  I’ve known Erin & Brian for a few years and they couldn’t be better together.  Plus, they are completely real, salt of the Earth individuals who are blast to hang out with – evidence in the fact that they took time to share a celebratory cigar with their wedding party post-ceremony.  Their adorable daughter, Ellie, stole the show throughout the day with her cute sayings as young ones tend to do!  Looking back on the weekend, I can say this was one of my favs of the year!  Congratulations Erin & Brian!!

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One year ago, Taylor & Lacey became husband & wife!  Here are the highlights:

1)  It was an elegant black & red affair – these two’ve got style!

2)  Their friendly rivalry as football fans – Packers vs. Browns – was evident on their big day!

3) Their send off as husband and wife included tons of balloons!

4) The wedding party was awesome – they cooperated when I wanted to imitate the Abbey Road shot.

5)  These two have been together since high school, yet still look at each other with a look of fresh love.  Super adorable – plus they are simply really cool people 🙂

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Today marks the first anniversary of the wonderful Isaac & Danielle!


1) Fair Hills Resort and it’s beautiful scenery made the best backdrop for this gorg couple.

2) The balloon release first look – romantic!

3) Danielle’s DIY details were perfect!  She thought of everything – from branded pillows to a kids table full of goodies!

4) Fantastic friends and families who were great to be around all day & make my job so easy!

5) The sweet way they looked at each other all day long.

Happy Anniversary!

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