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Jul 25, 2014
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My very good friends, Katie & Kevin, welcomed a new addition to their family just a week and a half ago.  I had the pleasure of meeting baby Lucy when she was only 4 days old!  She is just a precious little peanut and I could have stayed to cuddle with her all day.  It was amazing listening to the proud parents talk about their first days with Lucy and see the twinkle in their eyes when they look at her.  I’m so incredibly happy for Katie & Kevin and am excited to watch Lucy grow.  PS – I’m ready to babysit whenever you need me 🙂  Congratulations, dear friends!

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John & Kim are two of the most fun loving people I’ve met!  They both have a great sense of humor and a sort of silliness comes out when they are together.  If that isn’t the makings of a happy life together, I’m not sure what is.  John & Kim were married at Carlos Creek Winery on a beautiful Saturday.  I’m excited to share the rest of their wonderful day but for now, just a taste.  Enjoy!

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Congratulations, John & Kim!!

Happy first anniversary!!  Highlights:

1) Mark & Marissa got married at Marissa’s parent’s beautiful home & property right on a lake just outside Hawley.  It is a gorgeous lot and Marissa did a fantastic job of setting up personal touches around the grounds and inside the tent.

2) The outlook on life of both Mark & Marissa is one to envy.  They are adventurers at heart and no problem, big or small, can bring them down.  Their personalities match beautifully.

3) I have to give another shout out to the property.  Marissa has a good photographic eye and scouted the area for beautiful spots to shoot.  I was dying over the poplar trees that made wonderfully symmetrical rows for us to shoot down.  Oh, and the sunset. . .no words.

4) The pontoon ride (yep, amazing!) post-ceremony that the bridal party took was so much fun!  It was the perfect time for the wedding party to reflect on the day and catch up as well as, perhaps, enjoy a beverage or two.  🙂

5) It was especially fun to photograph Marissa as I used to babysit her when I was in high school (crazy, I know!) and her mother, Rhonda, was my piano teacher!  Getting to catch up with everyone was a treat!


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