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This past weekend, I traveled to Carlos Creek Winery  to photograph Joe & Andrea getting married!  CCW is one of my favorite places to shoot, and man, was the light perfect.  My assistant, Heidi, and I immediately noticed how we could get a completely natural & happy smile out of each of them when the other was close by.  That’s love, people.  The entire day was beautifully planned by Andrea and everything went perfectly, including the rain holding off!  Enjoy their first glimpse as there is SO much more to come!!  Congratulations, Joe & Andrea!!

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Aug 07, 2014
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It’s so much fun watching your friends become parents and the joy that it brings them.  I’ve been lucky to see two sets of my friends do just that within the last few weeks.  Cody & Natalie welcomed their new daughter, Avery, a few weeks ago and let me tell you, she is adorable!  The proud parents had a twinkle in their eye while telling me the tale of their first weeks as a family.  Congratulations, Cody & Natalie!

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It is hard to sum up this past weekend without writing paragraphs and paragraphs.  My younger brother married the love of his life, Heather, and the weekend couldn’t have been more fantastic.  The people, the weather, the excitement of it all is something I’m still digesting so I’ll leave you not with what I’m unable to sum up in words, but with a few images from Saturday.  It is impossible to pick favorites and there are so many more to come.  Enjoy!  Greg and Heather, I am so incredibly happy for you both and am excited to see where your lives together lead you.  Congratulations and I love you both!


She is such a beauty!GH8