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Brittney & Erik are two of my favs.  I’ve photographed Brittney as a bridesmaid in 3 other weddings and met Erik at each one.  When they called me over a year ago with their fantastic news of engagement, I did a happy dance!  These two are incredibly kind, super laid back and just plain fun to be around.  To say that I had a blast with them the past year is an understatement.  When it came to the day of the wedding, Brittney & Erik had planned things down to every perfect detail and were ready to celebrate to friends and family – and boy, did they!  The day turned into one of those September Saturdays to remember and the smiles were abundant among all present.  As Brittney walked down the isle, I glanced up at Erik, who had the biggest smile on his face – he was finally marrying the love of his life.  The reception hall at The Wilds in Prior Lake, was stunningly decorated with gold chair bows, wild flowers in delicate vases and small wooden boxes to show it all off.

I can’t wait to see what their futures together hold!  Congratulations, Erik & Brittney and thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day!

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Venue:  The Wilds Gold, Prior Lake  ||  Makeup/Hair: Cole’s Salon  ||  Florist: Judy Floral Design  ||  Gowns/Suits: The Wedding Shoppe   ||  Bridal Gown Designer: Venus  ||  Rings: Jared  ||  Desserts: Buttercream  ||  DJ: Adagio DJ  ||  Photo Booth: Fabulous Photo Booth

This beautiful gal is Hannah.  She is a senior at Eden Prairie High School and she pretty much rocks.  When she is not busy visiting potential colleges, she is very involved in the school’s theater.  Hannah will be performing in the school’s November musical!  Talent and guts, I love it!  Hannah – have a great year as it will fly by!  Best of luck in the future!

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One year ago, Jared & Katie tied the knot.  Happy anniversary, you two! Here are the highlights:

1) Jared & Katie have one of those super cute stories where they met in college, hit it off and the rest is history!  They are equally as cute together. 🙂

2) The weather was much like it is today.  Gloomy, saturated & chilly. Nothing could dampen the spirits of Jared & Katie or their wedding party, though.  We all had a great time capturing photos in the park.  Oh, and that saturated earth?  It sure made for gorgeous colors!

3) The couple married at St. Mary’s Cathedral in St. Cloud, a newly renovated space in all it’s beautiful glory!

4) Katie’s dad was determined to walk her down the isle, regardless of being on crutches from a recent injury.  What a great dad!!

5) I thought my family liked to dance at weddings, and I’ve finally found one equally as excited about cutting a rug!  These families were on the floor right away and I’ll never forget Aunt Sally & her solo jig!

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