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Now this was a fun one. I’ve known Kari for years and met Eric when they began to date and let me tell you, these two know how to laugh & have fun! (Just take a peek at the second image.) We were fortunate enough to have access to a beautiful little cabin near Pierz, MN, as well as acres of overgrown grass right on their property. The stuff of this photographer’s dreams! Eric & Kari are true naturals in front of the camera and I think it comes from their comfort with each other and certainty that they’ll be happy with the other for all time. The love between these two is strong and it shows! Kari and Eric – thank you for the incredibly fun day! Looking forward to the wedding!

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On Friday, between the downpours and sprinkles, I had the pleasure of photographing one very sweet couple and their closest friends and family at the ever gorgeous Carlos Creek Winery.  Austin & Martha have been together for many years, having known each other in high school and now traveling and conquering Ultimate Frisbee championships together. We had such a fun day and the rain didn’t even phase these two. Austin & Martha – congratulations and have such a blast on your honeymoon!

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