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Lyla is a lady of many adorable expressions. She’s a very busy three year old, who has running to do and climbing to accomplish. Her parents, Courtney and Ryan, and I did our best to keep up. We managed to stop and get some pretty cute photos every once and a while.

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These two have a special place in my heart. Riley is my cousin, so I’ve known her for her entire life, but when I met John, I couldn’t have imagined a kinder, more loving guy for Riley. These two are the salt of the earth. They have an amazing sense of humor. They are laid back and extremely positive. Not to mention they run far….as in marathon after marathon. Their honeymoon in Hawaii? Of course it involves a marathon!! (So impressive!!) Most importantly, they are just great to be in the presence of. Anyone who knows them knows it’s true. I’m extremely happy that after the wedding images are done, I won’t have to say goodbye.  John & Riley, congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I hope you’re having the time of your lives in Hawaii!

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I never quite know what to expect when I’m not able to meet both the bride and groom before a wedding. Megan and I were able to get together to chat wedding details before the big day, but the I wasn’t able to meet Caleb face to face. Caleb & Megan met in Alaska and now live in Alabama, where Megan is pursuing her PHD in marine biology. Caleb works on the water as well and their life-loving, free spirited mentalities were a breath of fresh air on their wedding day. Caleb and Megan braved the windy, frigid Friday weather with smiles on their faces in the name of beautiful photos. Their attitude toward the twists and turns of the day were always positive and they were just happy to be among their closest family and friends. Congratulations Caleb and Megan! Stay tuned for many, many more moments from your day!

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