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Weddings have always been an experience that makes me giddy. I grew up with a GIANT family and attended more weddings for aunts, uncles, and cousins than I’ve shot as a photographer after eight years. The weddings where it really gets exciting, are when they are for one of my relatives. Enter John & Riley. Now, these two are hilarious, photogenic and all around great people, making them the ideal couple for many photographers, but add in the family dynamic and it’s magical! All I can tell you is that everyone present had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful day with the beautiful couple. John & Riley, thank you again for trusting me to photograph your wedding! Congrats again!!!

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Ashley is a one of a kind. We were college roomies up at Bemidji State University. We walked onto campus as the only people from our respective schools and were lucky enough to get along very well. She’s gorgeous, funny, caring, and loads of fun!  Ash & I had a lot of firsts together, from finding the cafeteria, getting lost the first day of class and attending bonfire parties on the edge of town (only innocent good things happened, I swear!) Now we’re going through another first – seeing the other get married.

When I met Peter for the first time and saw the way he and Ashley interacted and cared for each other, I immediately approved. They really belong together and he keeps right up with Ashley’s silly sense of humor. I couldn’t be happier for these two and I’m looking forward to much time together in the near future! Congrats Ashley & Peter!!

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