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Nick has been a friend of mine for quite some time.  I knew when he proposed to Steph that she must be an amazing woman.  When we first met, it was laughs all around and stolen smiles between Nick and Steph as they told me their story.  If the old wives tale that rain on your wedding day is good luck, these two should pack their bags for Vegas.  It not only rained on their wedding day, but their engagement session, Steph’s wedding shower & her bachelorette party.  There were no frowns when it came to the rainy wedding day, though.  These two had planned their perfect day and nothing was going to stand in the way of a good old celebration. Nick & Steph – thank you for choosing me to hang with you all day and capture your wedding moments.  It truly was a pleasure to work with you, your family and your friends.  Congratulations!!


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Last month was the Minneapolis Pride Parade, celebrating LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual & Transgender) rights.  The Pride weekend celebration occurred not only in Minnesota but all over the country.  There was an especially excitement-charged atmosphere around MSP, since MN legislators had recently passed the Freedom to Marry bill just weeks earlier.

I was asked to ride along and photograph the float for the W Hotel Minneapolis and as a supporter of the movement and a first-timer to the parade, I was pumped to be right in the action.  Everyone who works for the W Hotel that rode on the float was extremely welcoming and hard working as they prepared to rock the parade with a giant hot pink “W”, multi-colored beads, and rainbow feather boas.  The W’s theme was ‘prohibition’ so martini glasses, fedoras and suspenders were abundant.

Once we found our place in the line of floats, I was in awe by the amazing crowd, dressed in bright colors to show their support – nearly 400,000 spectators showed up!!  The energy was out of control!  All I can say is that if you have never experienced the Pride Parade in past year, put it on your bucket list – NOW – and get there next year!

Special thanks to the staff at the W Hotel Minneapolis for being awesome!

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Mar 08, 2013
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Welcome to the new look of JenniferA Photography!  I have worked feverishly over the last few months scouring through images, posts and information to include in the site that gives the best representation of my work.  I’m loving the new site!!

Please note that TODAY is the launch day (Friday, March 8) and we are working very hard behind the scenes to get things up and running perfectly.  There are always going to be those unforeseen issues that pop up when you least expect them.  As always, we are making lemonade out of the situation so please excuse any links that may not work, images that may be missing or any other hiccups you see as we fix them.  I appreciate your patience and will have an “official launch” via social media early next week!!

Please be sure to follow JenniferA Photography of Twitter & Facebook for the most up-to-date info!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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