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Chris & Jenny met on an online dating service a few years ago (I love when couples meet this way!) and immediately felt the spark.  They knew not too far after that they were meant to be.  While taking a walk on a frozen lake up north, Chris proposed to Jenny in the fairy-tale manor every girl dreams of.

When planning for their wedding, Jenny & Chris mentioned their love of children and intention to have A LOT of kids present on the day of.  Described by her maid-of-honor as “the baby whisperer”, it’s easy to see why children gravitate toward Jenny.  Her soft demeanor and caring personality is calming to all she meets.

Chris & Jenny planned a gorgeous day at Gale Woods Farms in the Minneapolis Parks District.  Known for it’s beautiful ceremony spot overlooking the lake, barn reception area and luscious greenery that made this photographer’s day, it was just the feel they had in mind.  I had the honor of watching the way these two thoughtfully care for each other while we photographed the day away!  Congrats, Chris & Jenny!!

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Dec 02, 2011
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When I was north for Thanksgiving, I had a great time with the Klemetson family grabbing a few family shots – especially since the day we shot turned out to be in the 50s temperature wise!  Can’t beat that in late November!!  These four are incredibly hilarious to be around and there was no shortage of jokes and laughs.  Gotta love families like this!!

Dec 01, 2011
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A little holiday reminder to all of my amazing clients.  Please have any last minute orders to me and paid for by Monday, December 5 to ensure delivery before Christmas – that includes any holiday cards, print orders, or image disks.  This is the last day I can guarantee it will arrive on your doorstep by the day.  Canvas wraps, rave books and similar artwork options may not arrive in time for Christmas but I will try my best to get an order sent on time.

Also, a reminder that no orders will be sent until payment is received in full.  Please call me to arrange payment via debit or credit card or payment via check is also accepted.  Thanks in advance!!

Anyone else’s family gifts always seem to end up this way?!?  Haha!